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Who we work with

Our therapists work with a range of populations. We serve children over 8 year olds, teens, and individuals in all stages of adulthood. We also have therapists who work with couples and families.

Therapy options

We provide In-person therapy in Orem. We also offer Telehealth services to anyone in Utah through a secure and confidential portal.

Individual therapy sessions are 53 minutes in length

What to expect on your first visit

The first visit is focused on getting to know you and what brings you to therapy. We will go over life history, your therapeutic goals and expectations. While exploring if I am the right fit for you. I will answer any questions you may have and explore what modalities are best for you.

If I am a good fit for you, we can set up additional appointments, finalize a plan for your goals and together, start working on your goals.

Will health insurance pay for therapy?

Most insurances will pay for therapy. Often, there is a deductible that must be met before insurance benefits kick in. We accept and offer a benefit check for Select Health, PEHP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, EMI, DMBA, Cigna, Aetna, UMR, United Healthcare and Optum.

In addition, we are happy to provide you with a detailed receipt, often referred to as a “super bill” to help you seek reimbursement from your health insurance provider if that is needed.

Reimbursement rates vary by each individual plan, and you must qualify for a mental health diagnosis in order to have your health insurance reimburse you for treatment. .

Questions to ask your health insurance company:

• What are my in and out-of-network mental health benefits?
• Do I have a deductible? If so, what is covered after the deductible is met?
• Do I require a pre-authorization for my out-of-network benefits?